Being able to control and manage your heating and cooling systems creates a more comfortable environment in any home or busyness.  Ensure that its occupants and its visitors will be able to enjoy their stay, no matter if its five minutes or a lifetime.

In order to do this it is necessary that routine maintenance and repairs are done to any air conditioning unit.  Central air is a pretty pricey investment one that if properly care for its return can be enjoyed for many years to come.  We, at the Furnace Doctor, specializing in providing a comfortable environment for you and your family through our many cooling care and service programs.

Routine Maintenance

We always encourage our customers to have their cooling units inspected and serviced at least twice a year.


Our technicians will come out to your home or business and inspect the unit.  The inspection includes a detailed analysis of the filtration system, every hose inspected for cracks, breaks, or general wear and tear, motor inspection.

This type of inspections detailed inspection provides a great picture for the technician in recommending any additional services the owner may need in regards to their cooling unit.  As well as being able to properly explain the workings and inefficiently to the customer.

Tune Up

Many times our customers will choose to have our technicians give their system a tune up.  This service includes replacing any hoses that may have become damage or worn out, all filters removed and replaced, motor greased and lubed, and a general overall cleaning of the unit.


If our technician find anything wrong with the system they will informed the owner of the issue and provided the best options for each persons needs and budget.  The business or home owner can choose to have the repair done that very same day or on a later date.  We aim in providing 100% customer satisfaction, this means you will not get a an overbearing salesman trying to upsell you on services and unwarranted repairs.  We here at, the Furnace Doctor, will never pressure you into anything, we strive to treat all of our customers as family.

Removal and Installation

We also excel at air condition removal and installation.  Over the years we have been fortunate to partnered and work with many of the leading brand in the wide world of Heating and cooling.  Our long standing relationships allow us to secure some of the best prices on cooling systems.  This means our customers always received the best deals in town.