Looking for a reputable company, with a long standing positive history in the vast world of heating and cooling?  Then look no farther!  Innovation, efficiently and customers satisfaction is our aim.

Are you a candidate for a new heating system?

We advised all of our customers to have their furnace or boiler removed once it has reached the fifteen years old mark.  It is a basic rule of thumb that any heating system over fifteen years old is so far behind in terms of technology and efficiently that it is better to have it removed and install a more up to date heating system.

Is it worth it?

Although it may seem like a large expense at first, we here at the Furnace Doctor, will ensure that you get the best furnace or boiler that will heat your home or commercial building.  Over the past couple of years the advancement made in heating technology will allow the home or business owner to recoup what was initially spent in the installation quicker then they imagine with remarkable savings on the cost of heating the home or business.

All of our technician are licensed and certified professionals.  They received ongoing education and training the guarantee that they are up to date with all things new to the world of Heating, Ventilation and Cooling.

What type of heating systems are available to me and can the Furnace Doctor install it?

For 45 years we have been actively replacing and installing heating systems, such as forced air furnaces, hot water boilers, and fireplaces on occasions.  Today we offer many more ways of heating the home or business that is concurrent with those looking for a more eco-friendly option of keeping warm this winter.  Our technicians are certified and licensed to install: geothermal systems, solar powered furnaces, electric heating units, radiant heat, and even heaters free of vents.


We offer competitive pricing and fair pricing. Known for taking care of our customers every step of the way, rest assured that before we removed any heating systems we give it a full inspection to ensured that it is the best solutions for you and your budget.  If we find that you are ready for a new system, we look at the size of the home or business, the type of heating that would be best for you, and answer any questions the customer may have regarding its installation.  Before any installation.  In no way will you feel pressure in the whole experience.  We like to make relationships with our customers so that they feel as if they are part of the family here at The Furnace Doctor.

Contact us here to set up a consultation and estimate to find the best system for your home or business.